Asparagus and Artichoke Breakfast Casserole

Asparagus and Artichoke Breakfast Casserole

Today I have a tasty summery asparagus and artichoke breakfast casserole recipe for you! This recipe was inspired by spinach and artichoke dip which is one of my favourites and I could hardly resist turning it into a breakfast! Who wouldn’t want spinach and artichoke dip for breakfast? Because it’s summer and there is plenty of asparagus around I started out by replacing the spinach with asparagus! The base of this casserole is eggs along with cottage cheese, though ricotta would also be good! The dips remaining flavours of artichokes and cream cheese are added using nice big chucks of the cream cheese so you really notice it and everything is rounded off with some parmesan cheese which adds a ton of flavour! The egg casserole takes almost no time to make so it’s just as perfect for weekday breakfasts as it is for weekend brunches! Make a double batch of this asparagus and artichoke breakfast casserole on the weekend and enjoy the leftovers for quick weekday breakfasts with just a few seconds in the microwave to warm it them up!

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