Bacon BBQ Chicken Skewers

Bacon BBQ Chicken Skewers

This weekend is a summer holiday long weekend and a great time for enjoying some sunny out door weather along with plenty of tasty food like these bacon bbq chicken skewers! Grilled meat on a stick is one of the best things about summer and why not add some bacon to the mix? I mean, bacon makes everything better, right? For this grilled chicken I went with a simple homemade BBQ sauce with, you guessed it, bacon! There are also some caramelized onions and maple syrup for sweetness, cider vinegar for tang, soy sauce for saltiness and chipotle chili powder for a smokey heat. The sauce is processed in a food processor to break up the bacon and it’s best to let the sauce hang out in the fridge over night to let the bacon flavours infiltrate the sauce! Next up you simply marinate the meat in the bacon bbq sauce, skewer it and grill it up until slightly charred and good! Summer long weekends are always fun and you can make them even better with these bacon bbq chicken skewers!

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