Bassets on Camera, Cowboys in Kitchen by Ree

bassets2First, this was Charlie and Walter’s life yesterday. They are such divas!


_MG_1322Second, I hope you’re able to tune into my Food Network show tomorrow morning, because Cowboy Tim (left) is front-and-center and he’s one of my favorite people. He’s lived on the ranch longer than I have-we talk about his long history here on the show-and he and Marlboro Man spend the morning fixing some fence after somebody’s bull got in a fight with another bull and took out part of the fence. But I’ll let you find out more about that tomorrow!

It’s always something around here.


_MG_1326What I wanted to show you was this photo. It’s perfectly representative of the vibe of ribbing and teasing that goes on whenever the three of us are in a room together. I think it was Cowboy Tim that got the zinger in this time-or maybe it was Marlboro Man.

Or maybe it was me.

(But I’m pretty sure it was Cowboy Tim.)

Hope you enjoy the new show tomorrow! It was a super fun one to make.

Happy Friday, friends!


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