Asparagus Noodle Carbonara

Asparagus Noodle Carbonara

I have been having fun using vegetables as “noodles”, like zucchini noodles (aka zoodles), and now that the asparagus is here I could not resist slicing up some asparagus to make asparagus noodles! Slicing the asparagus into noodles can be done with a vegetable peeler, a mandoline or just with a knife and although it takes a bit of effort it’s definitely worth it! The fist “pasta” that I decided to make with asparagus noodles was a carbonara pasta which is a nice and simple pasta with a creamy egg, bacon/pancetta, parmesan and black pepper sauce. Once you have the asparagus noodles sliced this recipe takes very little time to make where you just need to cook the asparagus tips and the pancetta, add the asparagus noodles and quickly cook before adding the sauce and mixing everything together. (The eggs in the sauce are cooked by the residual heat in the pan without turning into scrambled eggs.) This asparagus noodle carbonara is so nice and light and summery good! I really enjoyed the aldente asparagus noodles and they work amazingly well as a lighter substitute for regular pasta noodle! I can’t wait to experiment with asparagus noodles some more!

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