almond rhubarb picnic bars

almond rhubarb picnic bars

One of the primary pieces of advice my grandmother imparted on me – besides the fact that she thought I should be a writer, an absurd idea I promptly ignored – was that one should always leave the house looking the best they can. I realize this might sound a little old-fashioned and possibly even oppressive – I Exist As More Than A Decorative Object, thankyouverymuch – but I took it to heart nonetheless because I know she didn’t mean high heels and rollers, but mostly that looking more with it than you might actually feel sometimes can trick you too.

quick buttery cookie base

pressed-in crust

I apply it in the kitchen as well. Thus, while if we’re being completely honest, life is currently a swarm of getting recipes ready for the next book (eee!), a to-do list for this month as long as the remainder of this year, kids waking up way too early, mama going to bed too late, an apartment that has yet to clean itself and let’s not even talk about what’s going on in the produce drawer – i.e. real life, and not even a bad one – rather than dwelling on the chaos, I think we should cook for the life we want, not for the life we have. Thus: I choose picnic bars.

ready to grind

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