Mad Respect by Ree

13064728_1555368921430593_4764438462076112422_oWe may hammer and saw and change things above it…and around it…and under it…but we aren’t touching the mural! It’s been on this old wall for…well, forever.

Since before I was born.

Since before Marlboro Man’s parents were born.

Since before Marlboro Man’s grandparents were born? Hmmm. I’ll have to check some dates on that.

Point is, the old National Biscuit Company advertising mural (do you know what modern day company that represents?) is a beautiful glimpse into the history of this place, and aside from putting a seal on it in a few weeks to preserve (and deepen) the color, we aren’t touching it. It deserves mad respect. I’ll keep you posted on the wall beneath it and how it progresses, as you might remember that I bent your ear about it several weeks ago.

I’ve been having fun documenting the progress at the merc (here’s the Facebook page and Instagram if you’d like to follow along) and things have really picked up steam. The bakery is framed out, the deli is framed out, the air conditioning and heating is going in, the kitchen design is underway, the bathrooms are framed out (exciting! Ha), the brick walls in the bakery have been sealed, and the process of recipe testing/development starts Monday! Please pray for my love handles.

Meanwhile, Alex is home sweet home and I’m never letting her go back to college.

The Thunder won last night and all is right with professional sports here in Oklahoma.

The sun is shining and my garden is starting to grow.

Oh! And I forgot to tell you. A steer ran into my vehicle last week.

The steer is absolutely fine.


IMG_3697My vehicle is absolutely not fine.


IMG_3699Ouch! In the (almost) twenty years that I have lived on the ranch, I have prided myself on never, ever, ever having a collision with a cow.

Oh, I’ve had a collision with a fence. But never a collision with a cow.

But here’s what happened: We’ve always had cows on our road for as long as I can remember, and cows are not jumpy and erratic. They are calm and chilled out, like most women I know. Ha.

But steers? Well, they’re a little more excitable. A little more unpredictable. Like most boys I know. Another ha.

So the problem came when Marlboro Man switched one pasture of cows on our road for steers and didn’t tell me. Not that he generally runs his livestock management decisions by me…but still! Anyway, last Friday night I’m driving home with Bryce and a handful of his friends, and I’m taking the same steady pace I take on our road at night: Not so fast that I can’t stop if I see a cow on the road, and not so slow that I’m mistaken for someone who’s never driven down our road before. So up ahead, I see clusters of black cows on the side of the road, and since they’re cows I keep on going. Then out of the blue, one of the black cows runs right toward my car, then turns so that it’s running parallel to me, and bumps my car not once…but twice.

It happened so fast, I literally didn’t know what hit me. Since it was such a big audible “SLAM,” I turned my car around and went back to make sure the cow was okay. And it was! It was perfectly fine!

And it wasn’t a cow. It was a steer. And it was laughing at me.

And once they determined the steer was fine, the boys were kind of laughing at me, too.

Off to drive my dented car to the grocery store!

Pioneer Woman


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