failproof crêpes + a crêpe party

failproof crêpes + a crêpe party

I know what most people think of crêpes – they’re difficult, they require planning ahead, they’re fussy (coughFrench), they rip easily, the first one always goes in the trash – but I respectfully disagree, especially about that last bit (it goes in the nearest mouth). In fact, I think think that a great big stack of crêpes and a few easy fixings are the best thing that can happen to brunch. Hear me out:

what you'll need

everything in

  1. The batter takes 120 seconds to assemble (including the 30 to melt the butter in the microwave).
  2. You can prepare the batter 1 hour or 4 days before you need it; it doesn’t mind rushing or neglect.
  3. Cooked crêpes are basically magic – you can stack them hot or cold, they don’t stick to each other. It’s like some sort of pancake voodoo.
  4. They reheat like a charm so don’t you dare spend the morning frying crêpes. Make them all the day before and be amazed that the difference once rewarmed is undetectable.
  5. Some people like Nutella and berries with breakfast, other people like ham and cheese. Crêpes are the ideal foundation for both.
  6. The vast majority of things that taste good on crêpes require little more prep than chopping, if that – fruit or jam, cheese, dollops of ricotta or yogurt or cured meats. These, too, are meant to be prepared ahead, if you like to sleep in on brunch mornings as much as me.
  7. Think taco bars are fun? This is the fancy brunch equivalent. Until you can put sprinkles on tacos (I implore you: just say no), crêpes are going to win this round.
  8. If you’re besieged by tearing, flimsy exasperating to make crêpes, I think you’re due for a new recipe. Like mine.

lumpy, but you'll whisk it

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