The Burned and The Unburned by Ree

burningpanoI tend to post this kind of photo every year around this time, because it’s burning season and there are two types of ground: burned and unburned. You can click on the photo above to see the two sides in all their glory.

I also tend to link to this post by Marlboro Man at this time of year, because it perfectly explains the reasons and the process behind controlled burning. Hope you enjoy reading if you haven’t seen it before!

Why We Burn our Pastures, by Marlboro Man

So far, all has gone well with our burning this spring. The weather has been pretty mild and the wind has been pretty tolerable, so ranches all over our area have been burning like crazy. Which means in about three weeks, the country that’s now black will start to turn bright, bright green…which I think is the prettiest color on the planet.

I’ll definitely be standing by with my camera. (Or, more appropriately these days, my iPhone.)

Hope you’re all having a beautiful Monday!


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