Workin’ The Merc by Ree

IMG_1874Here’s what’s involved with opening a mercantile and restaurant: floorplan, fixtures, products, kitchen, furniture, lighting, heating/air, menu, packaging, staff…and approximately forty thousand million other things!

The fingerprints on my laptop: Please don’t disown me. I have to be me. And I like to snack.



IMG_1856Anyway, there’s been a lot of digging in these days.



IMG_1871Buying things for “the merc” (its unofficial nickname, because it’s shorter than “mercantile” and we say the word so much we’re trying to conserve our oxygen) has been unbelievably fun. I will have PW products there, of course, but there will be much, much more there, too—and I have found that I am as picky and selective for what is “merc-worthy” as I have been about what winds up in my own line.

I’m a middle child and I want everything to be cool, pretty, awesome, interesting, unique, and (in a handful of cases) weird.

In fact, I should just call the place Middle Child Mercantile, because all of my childhood issues are coming into play with every decision I make.



IMG_1859Speaking of middle children…Hi, Paige!!!



IMG_1956And that’s the fun part. Paige has been helping me. The boys have been helping me. Hyacinth and her future daughter-in-law have been helping me in unbelievable, innumerable ways. I have another person helping me—I’ll introduce you to him soon. He’s neato and indispensable. A fun development! It’s been a close-knit friend and family affair, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



IMG_1921And, of course…Marlboro Man helps me.

Correction: Marlboro Man tickles me.



IMG_1928“Can we please get to work now?”



IMG_1939My expression says it all. Ha!

It’s hard to work with this man sometimes…


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