Venezuelan Black Bean and Chorizo Soup

Venezuelan Black Bean and Chorizo Soup

I was at a Venezuelan restaurant recently and I ordered the black bean and chorizo soup, since I always enjoy a tasty bean soup. I was expecting to get a more Mexican style spicy soup but to my surprise the first bite was slightly sweet with hints of molasses and that took me back for a second. Then I took a second bite, this one including a piece of the spicy cured chorizo sausage, and I was amazed at how well the combination of the slightly sweet black bean soup worked with the spicy chorizo sausage! Of course I knew that I would have to try making the soup at home! 🙂

The recipe pretty much wrote itself, being a standard black bean and chorizo soup with the addition of molasses and a bit of brown sugar to sweeten it; I know that there is a special kind of sugar that is traditionally used but since I could not find it here I made some simple substitutions. The resulting homemade version was phenomenal! I am still a little surprised at how well the slightly sweet and spicy combo works so well in a black bean soup like this but this is definitely my new favourite soup!

Read the recipe »


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