churros with chocolate

Prior to a few months ago, the full extent of my understanding of churros was:

  • They’re long cake dougnuts.
  • They must be very difficult to make or they would be everywhere at all times.
  • They cannot be near me.

what you'll need

maybe not the easiest way to add eggs

This week, set out to disprove all three. Well, the first notion began to unravel a recently as we chomped through a plate of them at Rosie’s, a newish restaurant in my neighborhood, when I realized for the first time that these long, ridged doughnuts weren’t your usual cake or yeast doughnut texture inside, but something else — almost custardy within, very crunchy outside, as if they were made from an eggy, puffy dough. Google confirmed my a-ha moment: did you realize that churros are basically long, piped and fried eclair/cream puff dough?

big closed star tip

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