I Wuv Wucy by Ree

DSC_3792We missed the dogs so much when we were in Colorado, and weve been getting in lots of loving since we returned Saturday afternoon.

DSC_3800Of all the dogs, Lucy probably needed a little extra reassurance and TLC the most.

DSC_3809Paige is just the girl for that job!

DSC_3803Lucy is the sweetest girl. She looks into your eyes with great love and longing, and she listens intently when any of us speak. As opposed to the other dogs on the homestead. When any of us speaks

Charlie snores louder.

Duke runs over to show us his latest racoon or snake or other creature.

Walter rolls over onto his back and wags his tail.

Presley grabs a blanket and drags it around the house seven times, growling and prancing the whole time.

DSC_3804But not Lucy. She just looks into our eyes and listens. And listens. And listens.

DSC_3806She is the very definition of a loyal, devoted dogher number one interest is tuning into what were doing, where were going, what were saying.

Its so nice to have a sweetie like this around the homestead.

DSC_3807We make sure to give her extra attention whenever we can, because just as Charlie does with vanilla ice cream, she really seems to lap it up.


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