Weekly Workout: The First Few Weeks

I’ve been working out consistently now for a solid 3 weeks! That is probably the longest I’ve done in a while, and I’m starting to feel like the habit is beginning to develop again, which is exciting!

Weekly Workout: The First Few Weeks

I want to be totally honest with you guys while doing this, because no body wants to hear about all the good stuff right? You guys don’t like rainbows and unicorns, you want hard core dirty mud ugly…

For starters, I’ve noticed that I’m expecting to be a lot ‘thinner’ looking. I keep taking glances at my booty like, “WHY are you still here?!” I’m impatient about this, but at the same time I’ve noticed changes in other areas, like my energy! Who doesn’t want more energy when you having to braid barbie’s hair 10 times a day?

I’ve also learned that having a schedule, for example the weekly workout schedule that I’ve been posting, has really helped me! Having it written down exactly what I’m supposed to do keeps me on track. That way when I don’t have a lot of time, I know exactly what needs to be done and how to plan it in my day!

Lastly, I’ve started to slowly feel my love of running creep back into me. This makes me so happy! On Saturday I went on a run by.my.self. outside and it felt amazing! I was huffing and puffing, and a 60 year old man passed lapped me once or twice, but I remembered quickly why I used to do that more often.

Find an exercise you love doing, that relaxes you, energizes you, and motivates you!

Here is a little vlog I put together of the first few weeks of getting back into working out. I’m sharing the high’s and low’s of this baby!

So much laundry…

Here are this weeks workout schedule and dinner plan!

weekly dinner

Monday: Pizza Night! (Grocery store style! Busy day.) Plus fresh veggies + fruit.

Tuesday:Avocado Chicken Caesar Salad, Double chicken for tomorrows dinner

Wednesday: Build you own burritos, use leftover chicken, Crockpot Black Beans (veggie burritos)

Thursday: Pesto & Sun Dried Tomato Pasta, no chicken

Friday: Leftovers :)

Saturday: Night off!

*This is the reality of dinner for my family right now, especially with 3 kids under 5 :)*


Monday: Couch to 10k app, stretch 5-10 minutes

Tuesday: Piyo Workout

Wednesday: Couch to 10k app, stretch 5-10 minutes

Thursday: Crazy Abs, Butt, & Legs Workout. 8 Minute Bikini Thigh Workout.Via Blogilates

Friday: Family Walk/Stretch

Satuday: Couch to 10k app, stretch 5-10 minutes

Have a great week every one!!


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