We\’ll Try Again Today! by Ree

vacationThis was my attempt at a family vacation photo yesterday after we arrived in Colorado. The two middle children had been goading each other, and right before I snapped it, Paige had decided to take the high road and ignore Bryce, who, as you can see, was still trying with all his might to drive her crazy while she sat there and smiled through the pain. Todd, meanwhile, wanted ice cream and was trying to corral his older brother so he could get the mint chocolate chip show on the road.

We\’ll try for the idyllic family vacation portrait later today. I\’ll keep you posted.

IMG_1469The kids and I ate this yesterday! Can\’t beat guac, salsa, and queso.

IMG_1463I took a photo of my wrist yesterday because I literally never (well, hardly ever) take off this James Avery bangle of mine. Does silver ever wear out and break? Because I\’d probably shrivel if it did.

IMG_1446 2Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there was a fire earlier this week! It wasn\’t on our ranch–it was on a neighbor–but around here, a neighbor\’s fire is everyone\’s fire and all the guys ran to help fight it. It was the windiest day I remember in awhile, there\’s nothing worse on a day like that than hearing Marlboro Man\’s phone ring and watching him dart out the door.

They finally got it out before it got away from them–and that\’s always a blessed relief.

I\’ll check in from Colorado as the family portrait quest continues!


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