Life with 3 Divas

Did you know that putting Barbie\’s hair in a pony tail is harder than it seems?

It can\’t be too high where her hair sticks out straight, and it can\’t be too low because then it just doesn\’t look right. And then what happens if you do it wrong? Tears… Followed by Barbie gettin\’ knocked upside the head and chucked across the room.

Damn bad hair days, especially when it happens to Barbie.


I get asked roughly 30 times a day to assist in wardrobe changes, help with hot pink lipstick application, and “Mom, come see this picture I made!” Putting on shoes sometimes requires a tranquilizer, and so does brushing through morning bed head. Don\’t brush the part wrong, and definitely don\’t brush all of the hair back! Learn from my mistakes.

But amid the emotional attachments my girls have to every piece of item in their room, like gum wrappers and 180 little princess figurines, I have to remind myself to well…take a break. It\’s hard not to settle down when Olaf\’s carrot nose poked you right in the center of your foot as you walk down the hall. Or when you find your make brushes thrown in the toilet, lipstick smashed in the container, and bronzer crumbled on the floor. There is work to be done, and i\’ve got to soak my white bedding in bleach due to the blue nail polish spilled all over…

But I\’ve got to stop and tell the messes to wait. Then tell my OCD to calm down, and just be there with my girls. We spent the afternoon putting together Valentines for friends, talked about class boyfriends (say wha?!), and I showed them how to eat a fun dip. We snuggled and loved on our sweet little baby, laughed about silly things, and read Pinkalicious 5 times.


Sometimes I feel like my life is a broadway show. Constant singing. Constant. Followed by a fight scene or 35, lot\’s of emotions and feelings being hurt, not really sure how much more intense the afternoon can get because \’so and so isn\’t my BFF anymore\’…

But then there is a moment.

Not a moment of silence…But a moment of perfection. Moment\’s where I realize there\’s more to life that organized toy bins and neatly brushed hair. That no matter how clean my house is, the most important thing in my life is changing and growing right in front of me. And they need more more than my \’to-do-list\’.


So what is life like with 3 little divas?

Exciting, edge of your seat, full of so much love, never want it to end!

Excpet olaf. He\’s in a better place.


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