Quick and Easy Beef and Pepper Stir-fry

Quick and Easy Beef and Pepper Stir-fry

Today is the Lunar New Year, also sometimes called the Chinese New Year, and since it\’s a work night I thought that I would share a recipe for a tasty, quick and easy beef and pepper stir-fry! This steak and pepper stir-fry takes only 20 minutes to make, that\’s just as much time as it takes to cook the rice to serve it with, so it\’s definitely a great meal for a busy work night! Despite being nice and easy to make this recipe is just packed with flavour starting with the usual suspects including soy sauce, garlic and ginger with some chili sauce for heat and a finish of sesame oil for those amazing aromatics! I also like to throw in a not so secret ingredient that adds something special and right now my favourite is sweet soy sauce which has a caramel-y sweet flavour that just makes the dish shine but other equally great ingredients include hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, brown sugar or even molasses; so change it up for something new every time! No matter how you make it this quick and easy beef and pepper stir-fry is sure to please!

Enjoy the Lunar New Year!

Read the recipe >>


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