75 Healthy Game Day Snacks

Healthy Game Day Snacking

Are you looking for some healthier snacking ideas for the Big Game, aka the football playoffs, tomorrow? I know that a lot of the 100 Game Day Snacks that I shared with you yesterday were not the healthiest recipes around so I decided to come up with a list of healthier munchies for the game. I know that a lot of you are rolling your eyes about now but these recipes are lighter without sacrificing anything in the way of flavour! The only things that are sacrificed are the carbs, calories and fat and all of these recipes are really easy to make and super tasty! This list of healthy game day snacks includes everything from buffalo cauliflower to veggie pizzas, dips, grilled meat on a stick, nachos, baked crispy veggie \’fries\’, quesadillas, chilies, casseroles, etc; pretty much anything that you could ask for! So if you are looking for some lighter snacking ideas for the Big Game this weekend I\’ve got you covered and no matter which of these recipes you choose they are sure to satisfy and make your party the talk of the town!

Read the recipe >>


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