Decadent Dips

Decadent Dips

With the football playoffs in full swing I thought that it was time to dust off one of my favourite list of recipes my list of decadent dips, which are perfect for snacking on while watching the game! There are so many different dips out there, and I am a huge fan of them, so I have quite a collection of dip recipes and these are my top 50 dips! You can make dips from so many different things and of course a lot my favourites are based on plenty of ooey gooey melted cheese but you can also make dips from things like pureed beans, avocado, yogurt, etc. Once you have chosen your dip it is time to decide what you are going to be dipping with and that can be anything from chips to crackers, tortilla chips, veggies, toast, breads, pitas, etc. A lot of these dips are truly decadent (and delicious) but there are also a lot of healthy options so no matter what your preference you are sure to find one, or if you are like me, several, to make for snacking while watching the game!

That’s enough of my rambling; it’s time to get dipping! Oh yeah… and watching the game!

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