Closet Cooking 2015

Closet Cooking 2015

On this, the final day of 2015, I thought that I would take the opportunity to look back at the year and it has been a tasty year indeed! The year 2015 was full of tasty adventures along with plenty of great new recipes covering pretty much all of the bases from different meals including main courses, breakfasts, snacks, etc., to different cuisines from all around the globe, to new ingredients, to new ways of cooking, etc. Due to popular demand I added new dietary tags like low-carb, gluten-free and vegetarian to make it easier to find those recipes and because very often we are busy at dinner time I added the 30 minute meal and 20 minute meal tags and lets not forget some new ingredient tags like cauliflower, avocado and my favourite, bacon! The the year 2015 also saw the total number of recipes on Closet Cooking exceed 2000! There were just so many wondrous new things this year that it's hard difficult to narrow things down and select my favourites or the best recipes of 2015 but here was my best shot at it with my favourite recipe from each month of the year 2015!

Here's looking at a tasty 2016 filled with plenty of new and amazing recipes! Have a tasty New Year!

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