I Love His Profile by Ree

DSC_2621I went out gathering cattle with Marlboro Man this morning. He drove the feed truck and led a big pasture of cattle while Josh, Johnny, and the kids gathered them behind us.

DSC_2638“If you honk it, they will come.”

Or something like that.

DSC_2628Ah, it was so nice to be with Marlboro Man. I know I sound like a broken record mentioning the past several months of our lives in the context of how busy, packed, and nonstop things were. But they really were. And now that we have time to chill and (in my case) not worry about makeup or showering (ha), it’s nice to spend some normal, everyday moments together.

DSC_2632I’ll tell you one other thing: I love Marlboro Man’s profile. This morning as we were driving around, he kept pointing photos for me to snap: the way the creek cascades down the hill, the long line of Angus cattle following the truck, the grass shimmering from the backlight of the sun. But I kept getting hung up on his profile.

I can’t explain why I love it, I just love it.

DSC_2627Here, he was whistling quietly, which he often does when he concentrates on driving over rocky pasture.

DSC_2678I love it when he whistles quietly.

DSC_2634Now, I did take lots of other photos this morning of said creek…and said cattle…and said grass. But I’ll save all of those for the next post.

DSC_2635For now I think I’ll just enjoy this moment.



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