Bedlam! by Ree

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I ate too much, spent time with Alex, had a book signing, ate too much, hosted a sleepover or two, washed 1,200,993 dishes, organized the pantry, ate too much, and navigated two ice storms.

Oh! And I went to Bedlam with Marlboro Man and the kids!

For those of you who aren’t from Oklahoma and/or aren’t immersed in college football, “Bedlam” is the nickname for the fierce rivalry game between OSU (Oklahoma State) and OU (University of Oklahoma.) We attended the game last year at OU, and knew we had to go this year, too—especially since Alex was going to be home and college games are such a fun family event for us football-obsessed types.

bedlamSo despite the freezing temperatures and uncertain road conditions…WE WENT TO BEDLAM!

bedlam1OSU was Alex’s other college choice, and even though she eventually decided to take a leap away from the familiar and head to Texas A&M, she still loves OSU.

We all do! My parents went there, Marlboro Man’s parents went there…so yeah. We love it.

bedlam2So let’s talk about the weather. We were a little frightened in the hours before the game because the weather was terrible and wet and cold, and we don’t like to be terrible and wet and cold. But we donned layers, gloves, hats, and took blankets and ponchos galore…and when we first got to the game, we were pleasantly surprised! It was chilly, but totally bearable.

bedlam3Then, by the third quarter, I was dying. My toes were numb, my nose was frozen, and I was huddled under two blankets trying to keep from looking like a shivering redheaded 46-year-old who always brags about how the cold never bothers her but who met her match after 3-plus hours in 30 degree weather.

And darn it…it wasn’t a good night for the Cowboys, either! And we had an hour and a half drive. So we headed home a little early.

And when we got back to the ranch, I slept in my car because I couldn’t bear the thought of getting out of the 90-degree car to walk inside.

(Just kidding…but I did consider it for a minute or two!)


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