Bacon Topped Petite Turkey Meatloaf with BBQ Sauce

Bacon Topped Petite Turkey Meatloaf with BBQ Sauce – healthy and kid friendly, and I even snuck some zucchini inside!

If you like the smoky-sweet flavor of BBQ sauce AND the taste of bacon, then you'll love these petite turkey meatloaves with some hidden zucchini inside!

I'm reviving this from the archives because I made a batch of my homemade BBQ sauce to make for pulled pork, and had extra, perfect for making these meatloaves. I made them in a petite loaf pan but you can also make them in a muffin tin.

I love adding zucchini to the mix because it adds moisture to otherwise dry turkey. I've done this before in my turkey burgers and meatloaf cupcakes and it turns out great and no one knows it's in there! I've made this with both 99% lean turkey and 93% percent lean and we all like the 93% lean best. You can use either, the points remain the same. I used my homemade BBQ sauce, but you can certainly use any BBQ sauce you like. If you are watching your sodium, you could cut back on the bacon or eliminate it all together. Hope you enjoy!

Click Here To See The Full Recipe…


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