s’more cupcakes

s'more cupcakes

Is there anything more passé than cupcakes? It’s like 2006 up in here. Even the macaron parlors that were the “next cupcake” and the doughnut-croissant hybrids that were the “next macaron” are old news. And s’mores? My goodness, they’re so trodden, they halfway to becoming a potato chip flavor.

what you'll need

grinding graham "meal"

Thank goodness we, as I hope it has been relentlessly established, are hopelessly uncool here at the Smitten Kitchen, as nothing hastens you along the path to being the dorks you remember your parents as faster than having wee ones of your own. We think having a second drink with dinner cutting loose. We consider being woken up at only 6:45 a.m. a triumph. We say things like “eat your broccoli” so often, I swear if you shook me awake in an emergency, this would come out of my mouth first. And when it’s my kid’s birthday, I bring in totally unhip cupcakes for his class to share, and I even enjoy it. (This is when they’ve won. Or, ideally, when you’ve stopped becoming that insufferable parent trying too hard to seem cool.)

getting messy

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