Fresh Pea Salad

Fresh Pea Salad

As nice as potato salads and pasta salads are one of my favourite summer salads has to be the fresh pea salad, sometimes called an English pea salad. A pea salad typically consists of peas, in a mayo based 'dressing' along with bacon and cheese and it's super easy to make! Although frozen peas will work year round I particularly enjoy the fresh summer peas where you can usually find them in bags in the fresh produce section of your grocery store or even still in their pods at the farmers market. The sweet peas go so well in the creamy dressing with the salty bacon and cheese and contrastingly tangy onions and I like to add a touch of mint for even more freshness. This is one of those salads where it is even better to make it a day ahead of time as the flavours have a chance to come out and mingle while sitting in the fridge overnight and serving it chilled, straight from the fridge is perfect on hot summer days!

Update 2015/07/02: Since I was making this salad again this summer I took the opportunity to update the photos!

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