Watermelon Feta and Balsamic “Pizzas”

Watermelon Feta and Balsamic "Pizzas" – a fun summer appetizer or the perfect side dish for anything you put on the grill.

These watermelon "pizzas" are such a fun way to create one of my favorite summer salads, a combination of watermelon, feta, olives and balsamic. They are very simple to make and would go great as a side to anything you're grilling. Yesterday I made salmon on the grill and served two wedges on the side, it was a perfect summer meal.

I seem to be on a Mediterranean kick this week without even realizing it. Maybe it's the large hunk of Feta I have in my fridge, but you can really have fun with these. Next time I might add some arugula and slivered red onion on top, maybe even grilled shrimp to make this an appetizer.

This idea was inspired from a recipe I saw in the Superfood Snacks Cookbook. They made a Watermelon Pizza topped with more fruit, nut and goji berries which you can see pictured below.

To make this in a perfect pizza shape, I bought a round watermelon, cut it in half, then laid the flat part on the cutting board and sliced a 1-inch slice from each half.

Click Here To See The Full Recipe…


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