saltine crack ice cream sandwiches

saltine crack ice cream sandwiches

There are cookbooks and websites that seem to be inspired mostly by foods one might hypothetically desire after consuming a smokable plant now decriminalized in dozens of states. Then there’s the Smitten Kitchen, where recipes are mostly motivated by irrational cravings or failures of self-control. Days like this, I’m pretty sure our disparate paths have led us to the same place.

what you'll need + vanilla, ice cream, brown sugar

tiling the saltines

By now, you might be familiar with matzo crack, which is what happens when you raise the aptly-named “bread of affliction” to what has got to be its most hardship-free calling: butter, brown sugar, sea salt, dark chocolate and toasted nuts. In the Passover off-season, i.e. most of the time, I think it’s even better with saltine crackers. Baked, cooled, and broken into chunks, it’s crunchy, buttery and caramelized and I cannot be in the same room with it without debasing myself, so I sometimes hide it from myself in the freezer. This has led to a conclusion you might have predicted — that it tastes rather excellent frozen.

a quick cook on the stove

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