Barbacoa Burritos

Barbacoa Burritos

As great as tacos are, there is something about burritos, in how easy it is to just wrap everything up and have a convenient meal that you can eat on the run. One of my favourite burritos is a Chipotle's copycat beef barbacoa burrito and it's super easy to make at home. The beef barbacoa can be made in the slow cooker with almost no effort and then the burritos are as easy as throwing the beef barbacoa along with your favourite burrito fillings into the tortilla and wrapping it up! For these burritos I like to go with a simple pico de gallo and creamy avocado cilantro lime rice filling! If you are using cheese in your burritos it's nice to toast or grill the wrapped burritos to make sure that the cheese gets all nice and melted and good! If you are eating these on the run wrap them in foil or wax paper to make sure that nothing dribbles out all over your hands.

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