Chipotle Lime Salmon and Avocado Salsa Quesadillas

Chipotle Lime Salmon and Avocado Salsa Quesadillas

After enjoying the chipotle lime salmon with avocado salsa as a light and healthy meal by themselves I could not help but think that the leftovers would be perfect quesadilla style, sandwiched between 2 toasted tortillas along with plenty of melted cheese! I pretty much just took the spicy chipotle salmon and the cool and creamy avocado salsa, threw them in tortillas along with some cheese and toasted them up until they were nice and golden brown and the cheese was melted! As simple as they are, these quesadillas are absolutely fabulous, I mean you really can't go wrong adding ooey gooey melted cheese! I served the chipotle lime salmon and avocado salsa quesadillas topped with more salsa, a drizzle of sour cream (or Greek yogurt) and a garnish of cilantro. Leftovers never had it so good and my taste buds were thanking me for serving these quesadillas for lunch the next day!

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