Shrimp Creole

Shrimp Creole
Mardi Gras is tomorrow and I have one more New Orleans dish to share with you before it starts, this tasty shrimp Creole! Shrimp creole is a dish where the meat, often shrimp, is served in a tomato based sauce with onions, celery and bell peppers along with some spicy hot sauce and it is simmered until it gets nice and thick. This dish is so easy to make, you just need to cook the veggies until tender, throw everything but the shrimp into the pot, simmer until nice and thick, add the shrimp, cook and you're done! Although this recipe takes a bit of time to make, it's worth it because all of that simmering really brings out all of the flavours! So if you are still looking for an idea of what to make for dinner tomorrow for Mardi Gras (and lets be honest, this is good any day of the year), you cannot go wrong with this shrimp Creole! I't like bringing NOLA to your home!

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