Chargrilled Oyster Pasta

Chargrilled Oyster Pasta
When I made the chargrilled oysters I could not help but think about turning them from an appetizer/starter into a meal and the perfect way to do so was to use all of the flavours of chargrilled oysters in a pasta! Really the flavours of chargrilled oysters are very similar to those of shrimp scampi except with oysters in place of shrimp along with a few Cajun/Creole flavours. The sauce is pretty simple with a butter base followed by garlic, some wine or seafood stock, lemon juice and then some Worcestershire sauce, plenty of cheese and a hit of cayenne for some heat; it literally takes less time to make than it takes to cook the pasta. Since chargrilled oysters are grilled, I topped the pasta off with some more cheese and threw it under the broiler for a few minutes to melt the cheese and get it all nice and golden brown. I served the chargrilled oyster pasta along with some actual chargrilled oysters and some bread to mop up any remaining sauce from the plate. This is definitely one tasty pasta dish and it's perfect for a special dinner for two like Valentine's Day!

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