Pressure Cooker Smoked Turkey Black Bean Soup

Fiber-rich and comforting on a cold winter day.

It's snowing in New York – perfect soup day! And black bean soup is a hearty, filling, fiber-rich soup. The kind of soup that sticks to your bones on a cold day like today.

This is also inexpensive to make, I start with dried beans and I use my pressure cooker (my favorite pot to beans) because it cuts the cooking time in half and the flavors really get into the soup. The smoked turkey leg adds wonderful flavor to the soup. If you can't find smoked turkey legs, you can use smoked turkey sausage instead.

You can also do this in a large pot or dutch oven, but keep in mind it will take twice as long to cook and you'll have to add more liquid to the pot as it evaporates, where as in the pressure cooker you don't get much evaporation. This is also great to freeze for the month, it thaws and reheats perfectly so you can make your own healthy freezer meals. I freeze them in portions and use a sharpie to write the name, date, and calories or points.

And speaking of snowy cold weather, I've been cozying up with Andie Mitchell's new memoir, It Was Me All Along. I share this because I recently met her – and found her to be such an inspiring person, a really good soul. I know so many of you will really relate to her story, or at least get isnpired. In her memoir she writes about how she went from 268 lbs at age 20, and lost half her weight. But it's not just a story about her weight loss, it's about hope, finding peace, making changes, and finding her freedom. A perfect read for 2015.

Click Here To See The Full Recipe…


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